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" I am a mom of two kids, 2 and 4 now. About a year ago I started trying to get their health back to 100%. I didn't quite know what was wrong but my son had terrible eczema and my daughter had behavioral emotional issues that seemed to be caused by other than being tired or hungry. I had spent thousands of dollars on various lab tests, worked with nutritional therapists, took kids to local functional doctors... Nothing seemed to help. We still didn't quite have answers to what's causing the symptoms. After almost a year I was getting desperate, helpless, I was losing hope. My own health was deteriorating but I couldn't even think about spending money and time on my health. That's when Margie Hasley came into my life! I am not a very religious person, but it felt like she was God-sent.


We have been seeing Margie, both my kids and I, and even my mom, for couple of months. After the FIRST appointment for my son, during which Margie was able to tell us exactly where the problem is, my son's eczema was completely gone in 2 days. I couldn't believe it! I took my daughter in, and same thing - Margie told us what was causing her meltdowns, she muscle tested her for the foods she eats, she told us her adrenals are stressed... Everything finally made sense. As a mom, I can tell you, knowing that your children are finally getting better is the best thing in the world. Especially when mainstream medicine does nothing except for treating the symptoms and prescribing antibiotics for everything. Within a couple of visits the change for the better was very obvious in both of my kids!


Recently, I started seeing Margie myself. I finally know what it means to feel great throughout the day, how it is to feel rested in the morning, not have digestive issues and pains... In short 4 visits she has helped me to feel nothing less of amazing! Margie, is truly a MIRACLE WORKER and the sweetest person I have ever met in my life! Her energy is so positive and wonderful and she genuinely wants to help people. If you want to be in most optimal health, go see Margie! "      


                                                                                                                              -- I. Dunkley



"I first met Margie when I was 17. I had been bed bound and in a wheelchair for 2.5 years, I was bitter, angry, and in constant pain, and I had completely given up hope of ever recovering or living any semblance of a "normal" life.


Fast forward 1.5 years. I am 14 credits away from completing my Associate's Degree with a 4.0, and am planning to move to London in August to finish my Bachelor's Degree at a University in London. I am walking, laughing, dancing, driving, taking 18 credits, and working. In short, I am a normal college student, and I will soon be moving away from home.


None of this would have been possible without Margie's help. Her unique blend of prayer and Total Body Modification is what makes her treatments so effective. She understands that nothing that happens during an appointment is done of her strength - it comes from God.


Without Margie, I would not have had the courage to stand and walk again, and I most certainly would not have been able to attend college or even dream of traveling overseas - let alone moving to London! Margie is a Godsend, and I am so grateful and blessed to have met her at exactly the right time. As we like to say, "It's a God thing."


                                                                                                                               -- D. Geary


"My family has been truly blessed to have met such a gifted person as Margie Hasley. For years, we have been benefiting tremendously from her expertise in TBM in order to overcome many health and allergy related conditions. Her knowledge and experience has made a dramatic difference in our lives."


                                                                                                                                             -- A.F.

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" Hi Margie - I hope all is well for you! I wanted to thank you, I haven't seen my face this clear since my sophomore year of high school! It's such a relief to not worry about having red marks all over my face! I can't thank you enough!!!"


                                                                                                                                                   -- K.