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Total Body Modification (TBM) is a technique that locates your centers of stress and restores balance to your nervous system.


During your TBM sessions, we'll find the organs or areas of your body that are stressed. Then we'll stimulate specific parts of your spine and nervous system to stimulate healing neurons in your brain.

At Highest Health, our goal is to help you find the root cause of your problems and reach your ideal level of health through a variety of natural solutions.

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Total Body Modification

Learn more about using TBM to improve your life.


What is Total Body Modification (TBM)?

TBM addresses and corrects functional physiology and allows your body to use the power that made your body to heal and correct itself.


This focus on functional physiology explores your body's inherent ability to regenerate itself. It's a philosophy that focuses on natural, living bodies.

TBM and functional physiology

The philosophy behind TBM is that your brain is analogous to the electrical system in your home. Under stress, the neurons in the centers of your brain can depolarize, much like overloading an outlet blows a fuse.


Your brain controls both parts of your nervous system, and a failure in your brain can cause your brain to lose effective control over one or more parts of your body.

How does Total Body Modification work?

During your appointment with Highest Health, your TBM practitioner will use tried and tested reflex points and muscle testing to identify the source of your discomfort or problem. Once the source is known, your TBM practitioner will stimulate specific areas of your body.


Proper TBM stimulation stimulates the neurons in your brain to repolarize and repair those broken chains of communication. Your brain will regain control of your body and guide it back to health. Since your nervous system connects to every part of your body, a correctly functioning nervous system plays a positive role in healing almost any problem.

Achieving health with your TBM practitioner

Margie, the founder of Highest Health, adds to Total Body Modification by encouraging you to embrace a positive diet based on the principals laid out by Jordan Rubin in his book, The Maker's Diet, his Garden of Life supplements, and his The Vitamin Code and Beyond Organic product lines. We're committed to Rubin's mission statement:


"Our mission is to transform the health of this nation and world one life at a time by creating superior quality health and wellness solutions while teaching the principles of biblical health, abundant living and environmental stewardship."


When you work with Highest Health, you'll learn how to regain your connection to the land and reach holistic wellness by choosing quality natural, organic foods instead of chemical-laden food that has been processed into an unrecognizable form. Through TBM, wise nutrition choices, and our healthy recipes, we'll activate the power that made your body and release it to heal your body.

Incorporating positive changes in your diet

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  • Positive changes in your diet

  • Choosing good, nutrient-dense, local food

  • Total Body Modification technique

  • Central nervous system — runs the voluntary functions and movements

  • Autonomic nervous system — runs the involuntary functions, such as your heartbeat and digestion

Without the brain's control, an afflicted organ or body part runs out of control. Your brain and the afflicted organ or body part cannot communicate effectively.