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Margie is a trained TBM practitioner who first learned TBM from her masters, Dr. Victor Frank and Dr. Jacqueline Paltis. Their guidance and support have been blessings through her career.


Although Dr. Frank and Dr. Paltis have passed on, Margie continues to learn from Dr. Dominique Desrochers and Dr. Patti Ebert.

The heart and soul of Highest Health is our founder, Margie. She's committed to providing you with natural solutions and guidance to positive holistic wellness.


To schedule an appointment with Margie in Woodbridge, Springfield, or your home, please call us at 703-680-2061.

Meet Margie, the Founder of Highest Health

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A strong background in

Total Body Modification

In 2007, Margie purchased a Digital Pulsewave Analyzer and became a certified technician.


With the Digital Pulsewave Analyzer, Highest Health can gather information on arterial wall stiffness and determine the biological age of arteries within 3 minutes. This life-saving test can be part of your appointment.

Certified Digital Pulsewave Analyzer technician

The latest addition to Margie's practice at Highest Health is BioDynamic Resonance Technique. Developed by Dr. Desrochers and Dr. Ebert, this technique uses energetically programmed vials to access the body's bio-computer and optimize its ability to reorganize and heal itself.

Embracing BioDynamic Resonance Technique

In addition to TBM and the BioDynamic Resonance Technique, Margie helps you achieve wellness with a variety of powerful natural tools.

A diverse toolbox of holistic solutions

Margie understands that all healing comes from God. She takes a verse from Psalm 139:14 as her guide: “I praise You, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made.” If you would like Margie to pray for you, she will. She has personalized experience with a variety of clients from different religious backgrounds and provides her services without judgment.

The power of prayer

When you choose Highest Health, you get the benefits of a practitioner with over 15 years of experience in a wide range of natural and holistic healing modalities. Reach better health and restore balance to your life by treating your spiritual, emotional, and physical aspects.


Margie takes the time to listen to you, and she believes that sharing your heart is a helpful part of total wellness. Our goal is to make you feel better before you leave. Schedule an appointment today to begin your journey to healing and vitality.

Over 15 years of experience

Gift certificates are available!

  • Essential oils to complement TBM and help release deep-rooted emotions

  • Protective devices to block electromagnetic frequencies that impair cell communication

  • Nutritional supplements to satisfy the physical and emotional needs of your body